Open command

What is this?
Open is a command line file association system for Unix/POSIX compatible operativsystems.

What is the goal of the project?
To make the command line environment more user friendly.

How do I use it?
Type for example "open foo.mp3", and the open commmand will start "mpg321 foo.mp3" for you,
or type "open foo.tar.gz" and the open command will do "tar -xzvf foo.tar.gz",
depending on the fileextension of the file.

Can one configure the file associations?
Yes, they are all set in the files /etc/open.conf and ~/.open.conf
/etc/open.conf is read first, and used as the global settings,
Every user can override this settings with the ~/.open.conf file in his/her home directory.

What is the syntax of this configuration files?
A colon seperated list of fields, much like the /etc/passwd file.
each line looks like:
.extension:command $:Xcomand $:discription
or to take an example:
.mp3:mpg321 $:xmms $:MP3 audio file

How long has the project come?
The code is writen and it works pretty bugfree, better documentation,
a man-page and some minor features are jet to be writen.

Where do I get it?
Click here

What licens does it have?